100w Led Flood Light And Xenon Lamp Which Is Brighter?


First of all, let's first understand, what are the diff […]

First of all, let's first understand, what are the differences between LED lights and xenon lights? What are their characteristics? Today, let's discuss it in detail.

An LED lamp is a semiconductor cold light source, high luminous efficiency, no heat, long life, low cost, but the power is difficult to enlarge. The xenon lamp is high-pressure gas discharge, high luminous efficiency, basically, no heat, large power, long life, structure Highly complex parts cost Xenon lamps are the brightest of the current common lighting.

Led headlights and xenon headlights ratio, in theory, led headlights are brighter, but because of the problem of led headlights in heat dissipation, led headlights are not bright. If the led headlights can solve the problem of heat dissipation, the brightness will be higher than the xenon lamp.

Xenon lamp: The current brightness is the brightest. The brightness can reach 3200 lumens.

The brightness of the xenon lamp can reach 3200 lumens. This value is the highest value now, and the others are below 3000.

So in summary, if it is  100w Led Flood light   and 100w xenon lamp which is brighter? The result is a 100w xenon lamp that is brighter.

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