100w Led Flood Light Manufacturer Introduces Led Machine Work Light Leakage


For the leakage problem of LED machine work lights, man […]

For the leakage problem of LED machine work lights, many people are still very afraid of this, so how to effectively avoid leakage and electric shock? The 100w Led Flood light manufacturer below will share how to handle this situation correctly.


As a new type of machine tool illumination, LED machine work light is more and more recognized by customers because of its excellent characteristics and long-term stability. Although it is less likely to have problems with LED machine work lights during use, But it does not mean that it will not cause problems.


Common fault 1: the machine light is not always bright but blinking

This may be a common problem. This can cause the LED machine to work light to be unusable. This problem is mainly caused by poor contact of the machine tool. The treatment is to check the common loose parts, such as the socket. Fixed, generally can solve the problem.

Common fault 2: LED machine work light is dim or not shining

There are two reasons for LED lamp work lights. One is the use of voltage contact error, and the other is the damage of the lamp, so the solution is also symptomatic, see if the voltage is correct, or check the lamp for a new one. light source.

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