100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight Common Sense Introduction


  Today we will briefly introduce three common knowledg […]

  Today we will briefly introduce three common knowledges about 100w outdoor slim led floodlights for you, hoping to make it easier about us to use this tool.

  1. Remove the dust and dirt on the 100w outdoor slim led floodlight housing on time, to realize the luminous power and heat dissipation function of the running lights. This is done by cleaning the water source (light above the sign) or scrubbing it with a damp cloth according to the lamp with the repair case.

  When spraying with water, turn off the power. Do not scrub the lamp cover (transparent) with a dry cloth to avoid static electricity.

  2. The transparent part of the inspection and tracking is affected by foreign matter, which prevents the network of loosening, desoldering and corrosion. If so, they should be suspended, corrected and replaced promptly.

  3. The light damage should be turned off in time, and the notification method should be changed to avoid abnormalities of the ballast electrical components caused by long-term light source startup.

  100w outdoor slim led floodlight must be checked from the nameplate and product specifications before the equipment: explosion-proof type, category, grade, and group. Enclosure maintenance level; equipment methods and fastener requirements

  100w outdoor slim led floodlight equipment must be strong, the fastening bolts must not be replaced, and the spring washer should be intact and as far as possible, dust and waterproof seals should be placed.

  When the cable enters, the cable and the gasket should be closely matched, the cross-section of the cable should be round, and the surface of the sheath should not protrude. The remaining air inlets should be explosion-proof sealed, and the compression nuts should be tightened to seal the air inlets.

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