100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight Dead Light Causes


  LED packaging company and LED street lighting manufac […]

  LED packaging company and LED street lighting manufacturers will encounter 100w outdoor slim led floodlight dead light phenomenon, as LED engineers should be how to analyze and solve these problems?

  There are two main reasons why LEDs are dead.

  1) LED leakage current is too large to cause PN junction failure so that the LED lights do not light, this situation will not generally affect the operation of other LED lights.

  2) LED lights of the internal connection lead disconnected, resulting in no current through the LED and produce deadlights, this situation will affect the normal operation of other LED lights.

  How to prevent LED street lamp dead phenomenon?

  Static electricity on the LED lights, the hazard is great, the world because of electrostatic damage to electronic components countless, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of economic loss. Therefore, to avoid electrostatic damage to electronic components, it is a very important operation of the electronics industry, LED packaging, application companies should Don't take it lightly. Any link problems will cause damage to the LED, the LED function bad or even failure. We know that the human body (ESD) static electricity can reach about three thousand volts, enough to penetrate the LED chip damage in the LED In packaging production line, it is very important that the grounding resistance of all kinds of equipment does not meet the requirements, which generally requires grounding resistance of 4 ohms. Some of the high demand for high ground resistance of the occasion and even to reach ≤ 2 ohms.

  Human electrostatic damage to the LED is also great, the operation should wear anti-static clothing, with the electrostatic ring, the electrostatic ring should be grounded outstanding. It is not recommended to use this product if the operator does not comply with the requirements of the grounded electrostatic ring. Operating procedures, you should receive the appropriate warning education, but also play a role in informing others. The number of people with static electricity, and people wearing different fabrics and clothes, and the body of each person concerned, fall and winter darkness, we take off clothes on the very Easy to see the discharge phenomenon between the clothes, this electrostatic discharge voltage has three thousand volts.

  Some companies choose to use manual welding, using a 40-watt soldering iron, welding temperature can not be controlled, the soldering iron temperature in the 300-400 ℃ above, too high welding temperature will also cause LED dead light phenomenon, LED leads in the high-temperature expansion coefficient than in 160 ℃ or so the expansion coefficient is several times higher, the internal wire welding joints will also be because of excessive thermal expansion and contraction of the welding point to pull away, resulting in the dead light phenomenon.

  The LEDs have been used in a variety of applications, such as in the automotive industry, the automotive industry, the automotive lighting industry, and the automotive industry.

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