200w Led Flood Light Manufacturers Share Floodlight Installation Tips


Today's lighting industry has a wide range of different […]

Today's lighting industry has a wide range of different functions of the luminaires. Today, the 200w Led Flood light manufacturer explains the common knowledge of floodlights. It is used in buildings, billboards, highways, bridges, and culverts. Lighting, it can be evenly illuminated in all directions, so how to install this type of floodlight correctly?


1. Check. The floodlight product must be inspected for damage before installing the floodlight and do not attempt to install a damaged floodlight.

2. punching. According to the size of the hole in the floodlight bracket, make a hole at the position you want to install and lock the screw at the same time.

3. Adjustment. The lamp body of the floodlight is adjustable, and the rotating lamp body is adjusted to align the light with the object or space that you want to emphasize.

4. Wiring. Connect the live and neutral wires of the floodlight to the mains, and pay attention to the ground wire of the yellow-green wire.

5. Test light. When the above work is completed, the power can be turned on for testing. If the light is on, it means the installation of the floodlight is over. Here, Xiaobian needs to be reminded to change, the installation steps of all the above-mentioned floodlights should be completed under the condition of cutting off the power supply. It is strictly forbidden to operate with electricity during the installation to avoid danger.


Introduction to the installation of floodlights

1. In most cases, the use of floodlights is more than one installation, so the guardrail must first be installed before installing the floodlights. Punch holes in the wall, the spacing should take into account the actual needs, to get a good illumination.

2, the installation of floodlights should pay attention to the sealing, if the sealing is not good, it will directly affect the life of the late floodlights.

3. In the installation of floodlights, it should be noted that the wiring should not be longer than 25 cm. Of course, the wiring can be lengthened when the power of the transformer is large, otherwise, it will greatly affect the brightness of the floodlight.

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