200w Led Flood Light Manufacturers Share Knowledge About Floodlights


Today's lighting market has many types, people can find […]

Today's lighting market has many types, people can find the right lamps for their needs, then today 200w Led Flood light manufacturers to share the common knowledge of floodlights on the market.


The characteristics of the floodlights are as follows:

1. Adopt high-brightness light source, high thermal conductivity, low light decay, the pure light color of the phosphor precipitation process.

2. The light board area is large, and a thin layer of thermal grease is in close contact with the outer casing to ensure timely and rapid heat dissipation.

3. The luminaire can be used in a high humidity environment, and the customized version can be used as a high-temperature lamp for sealing space.

4. The lamp housing is formed by pure aluminum stamping and the surface is sprayed.

5. Unique optical design, which effectively improves the reflectivity and ensures the luminous flux output, which is 100% higher than the traditional backpack style floodlight.

6. Start without delay, that is, the light is on, without waiting, the normal brightness can be achieved, and the number of switching can reach more than one million times.

7. Simple installation and strong versatility.

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