400w Led Flood Light Manufacturer Introduces Led Floodlights


The LED floodlight is a point source that can shine eve […]

The LED floodlight is a point source that can shine evenly across the lake, and its scale of illumination can be adjusted. However, floodlighting is only one of the ways to brighten buildings. It is by no means the only one. Never mention that the facade lighting is non-flooding, and the facade lighting is not equal to floodlighting.

The color temperature of LED floodlights can be sensitively selected between 4000 and 7000K, and the imaging index can be up to 80 or more. The luminous color of the lamps is closer to natural light. LED lamp light source utilization is high, about 90% LED diode illumination point of view can be consistent with the luminaire viewpoint of the luminaire, so most of the luminaire light directly shines to the designated area, only a small part is reflected, so the light source utilization rate is high. LED lights do not have a delay time to start, can be connected at any time, work at any time can easily complete intelligent energy-saving control.

Buildings with floodlighting should have the following two conditions:

The first is that the appearance of the illuminated building should have a certain reflectance. Floodlighting is the use of floodlights to illuminate the exterior of the illuminated building, and then through its reflection, people see the brightness from the direction of the survey.

The second is: the reflection of the exterior of the illuminated building is best to diffuse reflection, at least it is necessary to be scattered reflection, all kinds of appearance must have a certain reflection light, and because the appearance of the brightness is not the same, the reflection is not the same, roughly divided For directional reflection, scattered reflection and diffuse reflection.

The above is the knowledge of LED floodlights organized by the  400w Led Flood light  manufacturer.

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