400w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight Can Effectively Reduce Lighting Costs


  For many manufacturers, reducing costs is important. […]

  For many manufacturers, reducing costs is important. The 400w outdoor slim led floodlight is currently used frequently, so many manufacturers hope to reduce costs as much as possible. At present, there are three effective ways we can introduce ourselves.

  First, the best design

  In fact, the design aspect is very important to 400w outdoor slim led floodlight. The efficiency of street lights has been improved long before. And the efficiency in this regard does not refer to the efficiency of the battery, because there are not many manufacturers in China. So try to make a fuss about improving the space as much as possible. And for the efficiency of the controller, the good parts in China can already reach very high efficiency. In other words, energy-saving lamps and this high-voltage lamp, as well as metal lamps, have electrical resolution energy consumption. So if you want to improve efficiency from the period, you can't complete it in the near future, you can only improve the design.

  Second, choose to use a low-cost configuration

  Many projects will encounter such several schemes for acceptance:

  1. When the resource cost is relatively low, the configuration of solar cells will be very reasonable. But the experiment time is relatively small, and the bedding part is also very small, and the lighting time is less than eight hours.

  2, when the solar cell is relatively small, at this time, it is not guaranteed that it will be on all day without generating electricity, but in fact, the battery is used.

  3. For the high and low power configuration, it is still not guaranteed to work for eight hours.

  So no matter how you change the configuration, you cannot guarantee the lighting quality time, so you can naturally choose a low-cost configuration.

  Thirty-three, you can use conventional technology to significantly reduce solar costs

  The design idea of this scheme is to improve light efficiency. Because this is equivalent to reducing power. At the same time, increasing the cost of the sky to the effect of light efficiency on the system is actually small, because the lighting quality will not be reduced. But it can be said that the cost of solar energy has a crucial impact.

  400For 400w outdoor slim led floodlight manufacturers, how to reduce costs is very important, after all, this has a great impact on manufacturers' profits.

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