Advantages Of Xiangruilight 100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight


  1: High light utilization rate. Xiangruilight 100w ou […]

  1: High light utilization rate. Xiangruilight 100w outdoor slim led floodlight uses patented eccentric lens, anti-glare design, light transmission rate> 93%, bat-shaped light spot, larger light area, effectively reducing dark areas on the road, scientific light angle: 130 ° / 140 °, wide projection area, low light pollution, pure optical glass lens, heat resistance, and aging resistance, effectively improve the street light transmittance and increase the utilization of light energy. Take the current average value of mass production as an example: sodium light effect 130 -140lm / W, LED street light efficiency 90-100lm / W, and LED street lights are extremely easy to oxidize under high-temperature environment, the loss rate is higher.

  2: Low energy consumption. The electronic ballasts used with sodium lamps have high power consumption, accounting for about 8% -30% of the total power consumption of the lamp, and the power consumption of the driving power supply for Xiangruilight 100w outdoor slim led floodlight accounts for Within 10% of the total power consumption, plus the advantages of light utilization, the same effect lighting, xiangruilight 100w outdoor slim led floodlight has lower energy consumption; in terms of life: the life of the LED light source in the laboratory is up to 50,000 hours, and the sodium lamp is corresponding The life expectancy is generally within 30,000 hours. Xiangruilight 100w outdoor slim led floodlight housing is made of die-casting aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity. The integrated heat dissipation design of the upper and lower fins on the structure is more efficient. The grille-shaped outer shell is more conducive to air convection and heat dissipation and reduces light attenuation. To increase the service life of the lamp.

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