Advantages Of Xiangruilight Led Street Light Factory's Led Street Light Head


  The LED street lamp head has more powerful outstandin […]

  The LED street lamp head has more powerful outstanding advantages in light source stability, protection level and convenience. So, what outstanding characteristics do the LED street lamp head of xiangruilight has?

  1, lamp source stability is good

  The LED street lamp head has high lamp source stability. The LED lighting lamps of xiangruilight led street light factory are made of imported lamp source chips, and the surface layer of the LED lighting lamps is made of high-quality glass material with explosion-proof and good waterproof performance, which can better to protect the lighting lamps and keep them in a good and long-term luminous state under long-term lighting application.

  2. Good heats dissipation, environmental protection and energy conservation

  LED street lamp head has greater advantages in environmental protection and energy saving performance. LED street lamp can use intelligent control system to automatically reduce brightness and lighting time of the night. Xiangruilight's LED street lamp caps uses a transparent heat dissipation structure from top to bottom to accelerate air heats convection and achieve better heat dissipation. The hexagonal honeycomb structure uses bionics principle, has stable structure and increases the total heat dissipation area. The exterior of the lighting fixture is designed to be curved in order to better utilize side wind to dissipate heat and protect the lens.

  3, a variety of products can provide choices

  Xiangruilight's led street lamp head has a variety of specifications and models to choose from. Customers can choose street lamp styles, colors, brightness, LED color temperature and other parameters according to road conditions to meet customers' various needs.

  Xiangruilight's LED street lamp head not only has the characteristics of good lamp source stability and strong environmental protection and energy conservation, but also has the characteristics of low maintenance cost, which can not only enable the company to reduce a large amount of maintenance cost and obtain better lighting effect.

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