China Led Flood Light Factory Introduces The Characteristics Of Double-Head Floodlights


Nowadays people's understanding of floodlights has beco […]

Nowadays people's understanding of floodlights has become more and more clear, and it has been recognized by more people, which has also enabled it to be applied in more fields. The double-headed floodlights, as a variety of floodlights, are of course very popular. The following China  Led Flood Light Factory will introduce the reasons why people choose this kind of lamp.


1. Long life, this is the conclusion drawn by comparison. In the past, we used incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, etc. Compared with these lamps, longevity is not doubled, but more than ten times. Long-life will save the user a lot of trouble, like some large places, if you use ordinary incandescent lamps, it will undoubtedly increase the workload of people changing lights, and if you put on such lights, labor costs It will be greatly reduced.


2. The power consumption is small. The power consumption of this kind of lamp is compared with the average incandescent lamp, and the reduction is reduced by 70% or 80%.


3. More environmentally friendly, this mainly refers to the use of solid amalgam for double-headed flooding, which is accidentally broken, and the amalgam inside is also very convenient to recycle, and it will hardly cause any pollution to the environment.


4. It is good for vision. When you used incandescent lamps, you always felt that there was always a flash of light. It was a stroboscopic phenomenon. This situation is very likely to cause eye fatigue. There is no such thing as a double-headed floodlight. With such a lamp, the eyes are not so tired.


5. It is versatile and can be used anywhere. There is almost no place for it.

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