China Led Street Light Factory Introduces How To Maintain Street Lights In Summer


Led street lights are now very popular because it has a […]

Led street lights are now very popular because it has a lot of advantages, so many urban lighting projects like to use led street lights. However, with the arrival of summer, if the LED street lamp is not well maintained, it may face several problems. Then China Led Street Light Factory  will share the precautions for using led street lights in the summer.


1. The problem of tilting the pole.

For led street lights, the pole is very important. That's because there are sometimes heavy winds and heavy rains in summer, and some areas may even hit a typhoon. If the base of the street light is weak, or the depth of the foundation is not enough, or the soil quality changes, the pole will tilt. There are also some poor quality poles, and the poles are tilted due to strong winds in the summer. If you find it at this time, you must repair it in time to prevent the pole from falling over and hurting pedestrians.

Besides, before the strong winds come, the street lights should be repaired and maintained regularly, to eliminate safety hazards. If the luminaire and the panel are shaken, they should be handled in time.


2. Waterproof performance of street lamps.

In addition to strong winds coming in summer, heavy rain can't be avoided. The led street lamp has been subjected to wind and rain all year round, so it is necessary to check the waterproof performance of the street lamp in the summer.

Although heavy rain in summer, rainwater may not be able to enter the interior of the streetlight, the condensation of water vapor may also cause a short circuit of the led street light. Therefore, it is necessary to open the door valve in time to see if there is water seepage or poor contact in the joints. If such a situation arises, be sure to repair it in time to prevent accidents such as electric leakage or fire.


3, the problem of the battery.

In many areas of the summer, high temperatures occur, and even some areas have temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Such a high temperature has a certain influence on a general battery, especially a battery that has been used for a long time, and the performance will also change due to the influence of high-temperature weather. When the battery is tested, if the battery is affected by high-temperature weather, it must be repaired or replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal use of led street lamps.

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