High Power 200w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight Usage Efficiency


  In outdoor road lighting, the consumption of energy g […]

  In outdoor road lighting, the consumption of energy generated by city circuit lights has increased dramatically from the continuous improvement in urban road network supporting facilities. The LED street light is a truly green energy-saving product. The principle is to use the volt effect to convert light energy into electrical energy through a solar panel and store it in a battery. At night, the battery is powered by the battery of power consumption. Good application prospects, but the current LED street light city LED street light utilization rates is not high, mainly due to LED street lights in the application of high cost, low brightness, unstable power supply, and poor control reliability and other problems, so combined with road lighting The actual needs and improving the price and performance of LED street lights are the main ways to solve the above problems. So how can we effectively improve the use of high power 200w outdoor slim led floodlight?
  I. LED street light manufacturers improve production efficiency and technology, appropriately yield profits, and reduce the cost of LED street lights.
  The improvement in production efficiency and technology is conducive to reducing the cost of street lamp poles, the cost of components such as batteries and lamps, and thereby reducing the price of the entire set of LED street lamps.
  2. Research and develop high lumen LED chips.
  The higher the number of lumens, the better the light effect and the better the overall lighting effect. Under the same configuration, the brightness of the LED street light source using high lumen LED chips will be higher than that of ordinary LED street lights.
  Third, improve the stability of LED street lights
  To improve the stability of LED street lights, we must start from the LED street light controller. Write more accurate solar controller programs to improve the waterproof and heat dissipation performance of solar controllers. A high-quality solar controller can ensure the stability of LED street lights.
  LED Street Light Manufacturer Ranking
  In short, considering the above three points, improve the performance and cost of LED street lights, and install LED street lights to suit local conditions and reasonably match the configuration of LED street lights, to increase the utilization rate of LED street lights.

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