How To Choose The Right LED Street Light Products


  Choosing LED street light products needs to be determ […]

  Choosing LED street light products needs to be determined according to the local and actual conditions. Generally speaking, you need to know how high the LED street light is and how big the lamp holder is. Secondly, you need to know the continuous lighting time and the number of consecutive rainy days, to be accurate. A reasonable configuration of solar panels and battery capacity will not cause insufficient battery life or waste of resources.

  Now what we do are street lights for new rural construction, usually 6 meters 30W head, 90W solar panel, 30AH lithium battery, this kind of standard configuration can adapt to many areas, and it can be carried out appropriately for special areas. The adjustment will not be too great. We have always maintained quality and quantity for the products, so we will not make low-price quotations outside. Low prices do not make any sense to our factory and are thankless.

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