How To Make Waterproof Measures For Led Street Lights


  For the led street light to be able to operate for a […]

  For the led street light to be able to operate for a long time and normally in the later stage, not only the correct installation can be achieved, but also a series of preventive work, post-maintenance and so on. Especially the work measures to prevent water seepage, once a large amount of water penetrates the street lamp, it will greatly affect the use state and service life of the street lamp. So how should waterproof measures be taken?

  1. When choosing the LED street lamp housing, you must pay attention to whether the style is waterproof. When installing the controller, it is generally placed inside the road to better avoid wind and sun.

  2. The battery must also have a certain degree of waterproof performance. For the installation of the battery, the battery should be buried under the ground, about 40 cm, to avoid flooding.

  3. Check the LED street lamp head to see if the street lamp is on normally, if it is on, it can be used normally, if not, it needs to be replaced.

  4. Take the LED street lamp battery panel as an example. In the usual maintenance, check the azimuth angle of the solar panel, whether there are branches, leaves or other foreign objects directly blocking it.

  5. Whether it is in the shadow area of ​​other objects, whether there are cracks, dust, or dirty lights on the surface.

  6. ​​Whether the monomer has cracks and whether the connection is smooth are all within the scope of inspection.

  When waterproofing led street lights, it must be combined with the actual use of the street lights. This kind of prevention work can play a better role and play a better effect. However, no matter how well the preventive work is done, it also needs post-maintenance to assist. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the later regular maintenance work and do it well.

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