Led Flood Light Factory Shares The Difference Between Led Floodlights And Floodlights


LED floodlights, also known as spotlights, projection l […]

LED floodlights, also known as spotlights, projection lights, spotlights, etc., are mainly used for the construction of decorative lighting, as well as commercial space lighting, the decorative components are heavier, and its appearance is round and square, because It is often necessary to think about the cause of heat dissipation, so there are still some differences between the shape and the traditional floodlights. Let’s take a look at the difference between LED floodlights and floodlights with Led Flood Light Factory  .

First, LED flood light characteristics:

LED floodlights commonly used in the market are basically 1W high-power LEDs, and a small number of companies have chosen 3W or higher power LEDs because of their good heat dissipation technology. Suitable for large-scale occasional lighting, construction, and another lighting.

What other things do you need to pay attention to?

1. High-purity aluminum reflector, the most accurate beam, and the best reflection.

2. Symmetrical narrow-angle, wide angle, and asymmetric light distribution system.

3, the back-opening replacement bulb, the protection is simple.

4, the lamps are attached with a scale board to facilitate the adjustment of the point of view.

LED floodlights are controlled by built-in microchips. In small-scale engineering applications, they can be used without manipulators, and can perform dynamic functions such as mutation, jump, color glare, random blaze, and sudden change, and can also be controlled by DMX. Complete the chase, scan, etc. At present, the main application places are probably: single construction, light and exterior lighting in the building, indoor partial lighting, beautification of landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical civilization and other special facilities lighting, bar, dance hall and other entertainment venue atmosphere lighting, etc. Wait.

Second, what is the LED floodlight?

The LED floodlight is a point source that can shine evenly in all directions. Its illumination scale can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is represented by a regular octahedron in the scene. Floodlights are the most widely used source of light in the design of the image, and the standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to make a good effect. The floodlight is the most widely used light source in the action diagram. The scene can be coordinated by multiple floodlights to give a better effect. It is best to shine the object evenly from a specific point in all directions, and it is best to use it to analog light bulbs and candles. Floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the size of the merma, or inside the object. It is very common to use many different colors of floodlights in the scene. These floodlights are capable of projecting darkness and mixing them on the model. Because the floodlights shine on a large scale, the illuminating effect of the floodlights is very predictable, and there are many auxiliary uses for such lights.

It should be noted that the floodlights cannot be built too much, otherwise the action diagram will appear flat and stagnate. Therefore, in the ordinary action diagram manufacturing, pay more attention to the impact of the lighting parameters and layout on the light perception of the entire action scene, build more experience, and grasp the tricks of lighting.

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