Led Flood Light Manufacturer Introduces Considerations For Using Glare Floodlights


Since glare floodlights generally have many advantages […]

Since glare floodlights generally have many advantages such as long life, energy-saving, good color rendering, excellent electrical performance, and high visible light ratio, the use of glare floodlights has been recognized by more and more people. The following Led Flood Light  manufacturers will introduce the precautions for the glare floodlights during transportation and use.


1. Pay attention to shock absorption during the transportation of glare floodlights

Like all luminaires, glare floodlights can't be subjected to violent collisions. This requires the safety of the goods to be noticed during transportation. For example, when transporting, install the lamp in the carton that is equipped with foam shock absorption.


2. glare floodlights when cooling the bulb, pay attention to cooling

Although glare floodlights have a long life, unexpected situations still occur. If you need to replace or wipe a bulb with a glare floodlight, first make sure the power is off. At the same time, turn off the power for a while, wait for the temperature of the bulb to cool before proceeding, otherwise, it will be easily burnt.


3. The glare floodlight should not be touched during use.

General household floodlights are led floodlights, low power, and low heat temperature, but different glare floodlights, its power is higher, the surface of the lamp will have a relatively high temperature during use, especially transparent The center temperature of the piece is the highest and it must not be touched.


4. The glare floodlight suddenly goes out and waits for about 10 minutes to start again.

If the glare floodlight suddenly goes out during work, it will not be able to illuminate immediately if it is turned on again. This is also a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that you wait for the glare floodlight to cool for 10~15 minutes and then start the switch again to be able to illuminate normally. Also, try to avoid hot start to avoid damage or burnout of the lamp.


5. glare floodlights are strictly prohibited to replace the lamp power

If the bulb of the glare floodlight needs to be replaced, then everyone should pay attention to the two principles when choosing the bulb. First, try to choose the bulb of the same model. Second, it is strictly forbidden to replace bulb power. Only in this way can the normal use and long-term use of glare floodlights be guaranteed.

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