Led Flood Light Manufacturer Introduces Measures For Lightning Protection Of Street Lamps


We all know that street lamps are a kind of outdoor lig […]

We all know that street lamps are a kind of outdoor lighting, so there are various situations in the outdoor, such as lightning, wind and rain, and so on. What are the precautions for streetlights in the face of lightning, the following  Led Flood Light  manufacturers? Just share the lightning protection system knowledge of street lamps.


According to the material of the street lamp itself, it is considered to be a combination of external lightning protection and internal lightning protection. Because the streetlight material is a conductor, it is equivalent to a lightning rod. The design must be installed with a down conductor and a ground grid. These systems constitute an external lightning protection system.


When the external lightning protection system is completed, it can avoid fire and personal safety accidents caused by the direct lightning strike of the street lamp. After external lightning protection, the internal lightning protection system can protect the equipment through grounding and voltage protection.


The internal lightning protection system is designed to prevent inductive lightning and other forms of overvoltage intrusion, resulting in power supply damage. This is also not protected by an external lightning protection system. Therefore, both internal and external protection can be complemented and complement each other.


Due to the construction of the internal lightning protection system, many devices such as the outer casing, cables entering and leaving the protection zone, metal pipes, etc. should be connected to the external lightning protection system, or an overvoltage protector should be provided for equipotential bonding. And completely eliminate the destructive potential difference caused by lightning, signal lines, metal pipes, power lines, etc. must use overvoltage protectors, equipotential bonding, the inner potential protection area equipotential bonding should be connected to each other, the interface of each part Local equipotential bonding is also required, and finally the other places are connected to the main equipotential.


Finally, it is essential to install high-quality protection equipment, lightning protection modules, and power surge protectors. The huge pulse energy generated by the lightning strike in the circuit is released to the earth through the short-circuit line, thereby reducing the potential difference between the interfaces of the device to protect the device.

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