LED Street Light Factory Advantages Introduction


  First of all, led street lights do not use mercury, a […]

  First of all, led street lights do not use mercury, and there is no lead inside. The traditional street lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor. Once such a lamp breaks, the mercury vapor will evaporate until the previous year. The cost is 8,000 yuan per Taiwan dollar. The maintenance fee was NT$5,000, and the county and city governments later removed the maintenance fee of NT$5,000. In the atmosphere, which pollutes the environment, and LED street lights can protect the environment, it is recognized as one of the green light sources.

  Secondly, LED street lights are cold light sources that do not emit a lot of heat like traditional lamps. In addition, basically, last year, the domestic LED field support policy, LED lighting products prices and the use of incandescent lamps are further limited, etc., xiangruilight Led Street Light Factory thinks so. It is very economical to convert all electrical energies into light energy, which will result in waste of energy and is very economical.

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