Led Street Light Factory Introduces Lighting Considerations


  1. Timely eliminate the accumulation of dust and dirt […]

  1. Timely eliminate the accumulation of dust and dirt on the shell of the street lamps and lanterns, advance the light efficiency and heat dissipation function.

  The cleaning method can be according to the protective performance of the lamp shell, choose to spray water (the lamp on the sign above Yin), or wipe with a wet cloth.

  When spraying water, power should be blocked, and it is strictly prohibited to wipe the plastic shell of the luminaire (transparent parts) with a dry cloth to prevent the attack of static electricity.

  2. Check whether there are signs of impact by foreign objects, whether the protective net is loose, desoldering, corrosion, etc. If any, it should be discontinued and replaced with a timely repair.

  3. Light source damages should be turned off in time to inform the replacement, to prevent the light source can not be initiated because of the ballast and other electrical components in a long-term abnormal condition.

  4. Humid environment in the use of lamps and lanterns in the cavity, if there is an accumulation of water, should be eradicated promptly, replace the sealed parts to ensure that the shell protection functions.

  5. When turning over the lampshade, the cover should be opened after the power is cut off according to the warning sign.

  6. After opening the cover should take the opportunity to check whether the combination surface is not missing, rubber seals are hard or sticky, wire insulation is green and carbonization, insulation, and electrical components are deformed and scorch marks. If these problems are found, replacements should be fixed promptly.

  7. Close the cover before the use of wet cloth (can not be too wet) lights wipe lamp return light and bright parts, to advance the light effect of lamps and lanterns.

  A thin layer of 204-1 replacement rust prevention oil should be applied to the surface of the combination, and when closing the cover should pay attention to whether the seal in the original orientation plays a sealing role.

  8. The sealed part of the lamp should not be opened and turned over often.

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