Led Street Light Factory Introduces The Disadvantages Of Led Lights


  Regarding the related content of LED lights and the i […]

  Regarding the related content of LED lights and the issues involved, we have collected relevant information and made a detailed analysis based on the relevant information. The following xiangrui Led Street Light Factory introduces the shortcomings of LED lights:

  1. The LED lighting effect is still not high. Today's LED energy-saving light efficiency is generally 60-70lm/W. As a new generation of the light source, if the LED light efficiency can reach 120lm/W, then it will be the spring of LED lighting.

  2. The LED lamp needs a corresponding heat sink. In the case that the heat generation of the LED chip itself is not greatly improved, further development is needed in the structure of the heat sink and the application of heat pipe technology.

  3. LED lights, the price is too high, the price of LED monomers, aluminum radiator, high-efficiency constant current power supply, high light transmittance, and soft lampshade, the four costs collectively push up the cost of LED.

  4. The color rendering index is not high. The color rendering index of most LED lamps is less than 80, which is still far behind energy-saving lamps.

  5. Long-time working of LED lights will cause aging due to light decay.

  Therefore, at present, LED lights can be used as downlights, spotlights, and pendant lights. However, if you want LED lights to replace ordinary energy-saving lamps on a large scale, you still need LED lights, which have an overwhelming advantage.

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