Led Street Light Factory Tells You What Is The Led Street Light Distribution Requirement


Street light distribution is to make the light as much […]

Street light distribution is to make the light as much as possible to the various areas of the road surface to obtain the light distribution that meets the requirements of road lighting. Whether the LED street light distribution design is accurate or not is one of the key factors that can replace the traditional street lamp. Then CPC  Led Street Light Factory  will tell everyone the LED light distribution requirements.

In road lighting, if there is no light distribution to the LED street light source, the light pattern on the road surface is a circular spot with a large area, and some of the light is scattered outside the road surface and is not used. Usually, the LED street light needs to be used. For light distribution, the light pattern or spot formed by the light output from the LED street light on the road surface is preferably a rectangle.

In the power LED manufacturing process, the lens process can improve light efficiency, reduce the light output loss, and change the light output characteristics. The LED package lens process has a certain relationship with the high-power LED street lamp illumination. With a good package lens design, LEDs can achieve better light output characteristics.

LED secondary light distribution using a total reflection lens. The light is directed from the relatively light-tight medium to the relatively light-diffusing medium. When the incident angle is greater than the critical angle, total reflection can occur, and the principle is used to design the axisymmetric total reflection lens. Regardless of the technical means or scheme adopted, in terms of LED street light distribution, its light output characteristics meet the requirements of night road lighting standards, and the technology or scheme has good use value.

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