Led Street Light Manufacturer Introduces The Popular Advantages Of Led Street Lights


LED lighting has developed rapidly in recent years. In […]

LED lighting has developed rapidly in recent years. In the field of road lighting, traditional high-pressure sodium lamps have gradually been replaced by LED street lamps. Newly built roads, street lamps use LED street lamps as lighting fixtures. that Led Street Light manufacturers come to share some significant advantages over traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, LED street lights?


1. Energy efficiency advantages:

Although the high-pressure sodium lamp source itself has a relatively high light efficiency of up to 140 lm/W, its light source is 360 illuminating, and a small part of the light is reflected by the reflector to the road surface to form effective light, and a large part is absorbed by the lamp reflector, and is not formed. Effective light, the efficiency of the lamp is not high, plus the power consumption of the rectifier, the actual light efficiency of the whole lamp is about 75lm/W, and the LED street lamp is unidirectional directional light, the light utilization rate is high, and the whole lighting effect can reach 150lm/W. Therefore, the LED lighting of the whole lighting effect is twice that of the traditional sodium lamp, and the energy-saving effect is very remarkable.


2. long life advantage:

High-pressure sodium lamps include light sources, electrical accessories, and luminaires. Sodium lamps are used for street lamps with an average life of 1 to 2 years, as are lamps. The service life of LED street lamps has the experience, and the life of the lamps can be guaranteed to be around 50,000 hours. The road lighting can be used for more than 10 years according to the daily use of 12 hours. The high-pressure sodium lamp replaces the light source on average for 1~2 years, and there are multiple light source purchase costs, and the street lamp installation position is high, the light source replacement is very difficult, and the maintenance cost is extremely high. In addition to the power failure of LED streetlights in the life of the LEDs, almost no maintenance is required. Therefore, as a whole, the service life of LED street lamps has been much longer than that of traditional sodium lamp lamps, and the maintenance cost has been greatly reduced.


3. Color rendering advantages:

The color rendering index (Ra) of the high-pressure sodium lamp is only 23~25, and the color rendering performance is very poor. The color rendering of the LED street lamp can reach Ra70~80, and the color rendering is very good. From the perspective of visual psychology, the illuminance of LED street lamps that achieve the same brightness and high color rendering can be reduced on average compared to the low color rendering high-pressure sodium lamps.


4. low light attenuation advantages:

The light decay of LED street lamps is small, the light decay of less than 3% in one year, the use of the road still meets the requirements of road use lighting, and the high-pressure sodium light decays, which has dropped by more than 30% in a year or so. Therefore, the design of LED street lamps is using power. It can be lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp.


5. Advantages of easy control:

The traditional sodium lamp has a long startup time and cannot achieve brightness adjustment, and the LED street lamp can be instantaneously activated, and the brightness can be adjusted. The automatic control of the energy-saving device can achieve the maximum possible power reduction under the illumination requirements of different periods and further save energy.


6. easy to match the light advantage:

The LED street lamp can realize the control of the spot by the secondary optics, and the glare is small and the utilization rate is high. The spot of the high-pressure sodium lamp is irregularly diffused, the difference between the center of the spot and the edge is large, and the effective utilization rate of light is low. Light pollution is serious.


7. Environmental advantages:

The high-pressure sodium lamp source itself is fragile, and the light source contains harmful substances such as mercury, which is easy to cause secondary pollution to the environment; and the LED street lamp has no lead, no mercury, no infrared, no ultraviolet, and environmental protection.


8. high power factor advantages:

The power factor of the sodium lamp is only 0.45, and the power compensation can only reach 0.85. The effective utilization rate of the power grid is low, while the power factor of the LED street lamp can reach 0.95, and the effective interest rate of the power grid is high.

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