Led Street Light Manufacturer Tells You Why Led Landscape Lights Will Crack


Today, follow the Led Street Light manufacturer to find […]

Today, follow the Led Street Light manufacturer to find out why the LED landscape lights will crack.


LED landscape lights generally work outdoors. Due to the influence of temperature difference, thermal expansion and contraction is the main reason for the cracking of the outer cover. At present, a better solution is to use materials with the smallest thermal expansion and contraction coefficient.


Thermal expansion and contraction and internal stress caused by cracking are caused by the outer cover. If the material with the nozzle material is selected, the internal stress of the material is difficult to remove, which causes the outer cover to be easily cracked. Even choose better material.


If the design and production process is unreasonable, many internal stresses will also occur. Experienced landscape lamp manufacturers will choose constant temperature protection during injection molding, reduce internal stress at the site, and use many physical methods to eliminate internal stress.

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