Led Street Light Manufacturers Share The Types Of High Pole Lights


To meet the needs of the people, the high pole light ma […]

To meet the needs of the people, the high pole light market is constantly adding various types of high pole lights to meet people's various needs. The Led Street Light manufacturer below talks about the types of high pole lights.


1. Lifting high pole light

Lifting high pole lights generally have a height of 18 meters or more. Its lifting system can be either electric or manual. It is very convenient to operate, and the light panel will automatically rise to the specified position. It will also automatically fall off and hook. The lifting and lowering pole lights can be divided into electric and manual, and the division is mainly based on the type of lifting system they have. The electric lifting system is called an electric lifting high pole light, and the manual lifting high pole light has a manual lifting system. The lifting system of the two is only different in operation. It can make the lamp panel safely 2.5 meters away from the ground. The operation is very convenient and safe. The remote control device for lifting and lowering the pole light is usually 10 meters, and the operator must control it at 5 meters to be safe. The lift-type high pole light also has a spare cable, one end of which is connected to the control system and the other end is connected to the light panel, which makes it easy to check the light panel.


2, non-lifting high pole lights

It mainly has no lifting system, which is not convenient for replacing and inspecting the lamp panel, and the cost is relatively high and it is not convenient.

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