Led Work Light Manufacturer Introduces The Types Of Daily Work Lights


At present, LED work lights are divided into hand-held, […]

At present, LED work lights are divided into hand-held, portable, portable mobile, self-generating large-scale lights, and other types. The Led Work Light manufacturer introduces the common fixtures used in several jobs.


1. Personal hand-held and hand-held work lights generally have high power, adjustable headlight angle, magnetic adsorption, and hands-free operation. Generally designed as a multi-functional glare magnetic work light is a typical application of the grid daily maintenance personal work lights, the bottom is equipped with strong magnetic, can be easily adsorbed on a variety of ferrous metals.


2. Large-scale lighting work lights are generally used in large-scale, long-term emergency construction sites. The site is generally not equipped with utility power, so it must be equipped with self-powered generators. The generator power is matched with the luminaire.


3. Portable mobile work lights are standard equipment for attendance. Lightly loaded, it can be placed on a small-scale construction site to meet the needs of on-site emergency lighting.

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