Outdoor Flood Light Usage Considerations


With the widespread use of floodlights, floodlights can […]

With the widespread use of floodlights, floodlights can be seen everywhere, indoors or outdoors. So today we will share the mistake of avoiding the Outdoor Flood light  .


First of all, the outdoor lighting is brighter at night, so the outdoor floodlights are required for illumination. Unlike the indoor floodlights, because of the limitation of the illumination area, it does not need to be very bright.


Secondly, when the Outdoor Flood light is designed, it is necessary to evenly arrange the external light, so that the area of the light can be kept bright, otherwise, the random design will lead to dark areas and shadows in the entire lighting design. Putting them too close can result in unnecessary glare and over-bright areas. Uniform illumination is not only important in aesthetics but also in terms of safety.


Finally, the design of the Outdoor Flood light should not be prominent in the surrounding environment, otherwise, it will destroy the overall outdoor landscape, which will be counterproductive and make people feel uncomfortable.

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