Pay Attention To The Brightness Standard Of LED Flood Light


  The light source of LED flood light is also very part […]

  The light source of LED flood light is also very particular about the choice of the light source to achieve a certain brightness. Different lamp beads adopt different designs and have different heat dissipation effects. Of course, the effect of light is different. To save costs, we cannot choose some low-grade, low-brightness lamp beads to fill. Whether the brightness of LED flood light reaches the standard depends entirely on the light source. Can't say what brightness is the light source?

  The LED linear light source has the characteristics of both the wired light source and surface light source. It is a new outdoor lighting product of high quality and rich colors. The LED light source of the LED desk lamp is efficient and energy-saving, with high brightness, no ultraviolet rays, no flicker, even if the light has no spots, it irradiates the wall or other illuminated surfaces at a small angle without light pollution. A rugged light source, shockproof and explosion-proof, and good safety. Aluminum shell, anodized or electrostatic spraying treatment, acid and alkali resistance, strong UV resistance. Isolated drive power, active PFC circuit design, constant current output, super energy saving, and prolong service life. Comes with a mounting bracket, easy to install and debug, and the elevation angle is adjustable. Maintenance-free during use.

  To improve visibility and visibility. LEDs have been increasingly used in signal and sign lighting, road traffic lights, building sensor lights and contoured facade lighting, urban squares, gardens, and pedestrian streets in multi-color lighting, all of which are produced using ultra-high brightness LEDs. Its excellent energy-saving characteristics and long service life are what green lighting designers and owners come to.

  LED lighting can be fully color-changed and intelligently controlled. The LED can be controlled by any method. LED realizes multi-level control and multi-color conversion. If the units are arranged together, they can be computer-controlled and vivid animation effects. The application of the combination of color and intelligent control, in terms of scene lighting, through the flexible combination of LED light sources, creates a very attractive scene, making the lighting space environment brighter and more gorgeous.

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