Production Processes For 400w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight


  1. parts inspection, all kinds of raw materials accor […]

  1. parts inspection, all kinds of raw materials according to the corresponding standard inspection; 2. 400w outdoor slim led floodlight manufacturer's lamp beads welded to the aluminum plate, and the lamp bead plate test; 3. constant current sources (drive) patch, plug-in, wave soldering or reflow soldering, and assembly, testing, aging; 4. assembly: the lamp bead plate, constant current source (drive) lamp shell assembly together; to ensure good heat dissipation; 5. whole lamp inspection After the lamp installation, need to do a series of inspections to ensure its good quality.

  Inspection matters

  (a) Before the constant current source is not connected to the lamp power on inspection After lighting, observe whether the lamp beads have dead light phenomenon or not or whether there are a short circuit and other undesirable phenomena. The energization inspection must be done on every product.

  (b) Aging test after connection to a constant current source. 400w outdoor slim led floodlight manufacturer's lamps and lanterns aging mainly depends on the temperature, voltage, the current, and luminous flux of the lamps after a long time of lighting. Is there a bad phenomenon such as a dead light? The aging test can be spot-checked, time according to the specific demand test Whole lamp assembly Drive patch/plug-in/assembly Power test, aging, waterproof inspection, appearance inspection, welding lamp bead plate, packaging, feeding, inspection, whole lamp aging to determine, generally within 2 days of normal testing. The temperature measurement should hold the probe close to the bottom aluminum plate.

  (c) Appearance and waterproofing inspection The light fixture are installed, check the appearance, wear and tear, and the installation is in place. And test for waterproofing according to the level of protection.

  6. Packaging into storage Production equipment varies greatly according to the size of the plant, mainly: reflow welding, wave welding machine, placement machine, vertical or horizontal photometric distribution meter (to measure the light curve, luminous flux, and other parameters), production capacity can not be estimated.

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