The Basic Structure And Working Principle Of LED Street Light


  1.1 Basic structure of LED street light   The inventi […]

  1.1 Basic structure of LED street light

  The invention is mainly composed of solar cell components, components, brackets, light sources, controllers, batteries, light poles, and the like.

  1.2 LED street light project

  LED street light uses the photovoltaic effect principle of solar cells. The solar cells absorb solar photon energy to generate electricity during the day and store it in the battery through the controller. When night falls or the light around the lamp is insufficient, the battery supplies power to the light source through the controller until the set time is cut off.

  Design data of 2 street lights

  2.1 Use the known LED street light to find the latitude and longitude of the land to be used. The inclination angle and azimuth angle of the solar cell modules and the standard solar peak sunshine time in this area are determined by the solar radiation database on different slopes in China.

  2.2 The power (W) of the selected light source for the street lamp. The power of the light source directly affects the parameter stability of the entire system.

  2.3 LED street light work hours per night (h). This is the core parameter that determines the size of the components in the LED street light system. By determining the working time, the daily power consumption of the load, and the charging current of the corresponding solar cell components can be calculated preliminarily.

  2.4 LED street light needs to maintain continuous rain (d). This parameter determines the size of the battery capacity and the solar cell module power required to restore the battery capacity after rain.

  2.5 Determine the number of D days between two consecutive cloudy days, which is the battery pack power required by the system to fill the battery after a continuous cloudy day.

  3. Design ideas and key points of LED street light system

  The basic principle of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is the same, so the design idea of ​​LED street lights can also be based on the general solar power generation system. First, determine the power of the light source, the daily working time, guarantee a few days of rain, and then calculate C Battery capacity and solar cell module power. But LED street light has its particularity. It needs to ensure the stability and reliability of the system, so special attention should be paid when designing.

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