The Correct Maintenance Method Of LED Street Lights


  In addition to battery panels and controllers, invert […]

  In addition to battery panels and controllers, inverters, and electric equipment, LED lighting equipment is much more complicated than sodium lamps. Therefore, to ensure that LED lighting equipment continues to operate, inspection and maintenance are usually carried out in a week as a cycle.

  The equipment is inspected every autumn, especially the cleaning and polishing of lighting fixtures and some of the LED battery components.

  The LED lighting system that does not solve the photoelectric conversion rate, the volume of the battery and the main problems, such as life and maintenance, will far exceed the maintenance of high-pressure sodium lamps.

  Correct maintenance of LED street lights:

  1. When there is wind, rain, rain, hail, snow, etc., measures should be taken to protect the LED battery array to avoid damage.

  2, Wind, rain, snow or steering immediately check whether the board is after the rainy season, the control room and the battery are indoor water, water, after a storm, check whether the equipment is working properly, the charge and discharge controller is damaged, etc.

  3. The lighting of the LED battery array should always be kept clean. If there is dust or other dirt, it should be washed first, and then gently wiped with clean gauze water. Do not wash with hard objects or corrosive solvents, heuristics.

  4. When using the battery to match the LED battery array, strictly follow the battery maintenance method.

  5. Check the power system connected to the LED street lights to avoid loose connections.

  6. Check the grounding resistance of LED street lights.

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