The Standard Process Of Outdoor Flood Light Construction


    The Outdoor Flood light construction process is a v […]

    The Outdoor Flood light construction process is a very complex production technology activity. In order to complete the construction tasks according to the contract time limit with high quality and quantity, how to plan scientifically and reasonably during the lighting construction process?
  Firstly, prepare for the pre-construction stage. The construction management personnel should have a comprehensive understanding of the construction drawings and construction design instructions, and the unclear points should be clearly understood with the designers. At the same time, the corresponding construction instructions should be prepared, and all construction personnel should be organized to carry out construction design drawings and construction. The publicity and implementation of the work instructions ensure that every person constructs in strict accordance with the design standards.
  Secondly, for project management and control during construction, in order to better grasp the whole construction process, construction management needs scientific overall planning. For example, whether the luminaire model is consistent with the design drawing, whether the quality of the luminaire is problematic, the integrity of all construction materials, whether there are errors in the construction and installation and the lighting circuit and the design drawings, and the safety risks during construction.
  Finally, the maintenance and improvement of the completion of the construction, the implementation of the quality of the lighting construction, and the marking of each acceptance. Check the overall lighting project and deal with the various problems found out.

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