UFO LED High Bay Lights Installation Distance Introduction


  UFO LED High Bay Lights has high efficiency, energy s […]

  UFO LED High Bay Lights has high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety. In addition to various lighting lamps used in a normal environment, explosion-proof lamps are also used in a special environment and corrosion lamps. UFO LED High Bay Lights produced by Raytheon Lighting is used in some large high-rise buildings.

  (1)UFO LED High Bay Lights50W recommended installation height: 3-5m; Installation spacing: 5-8m

  (2)UFO LED High Bay Lights100W Recommended Installation Height: 6-8m; Installation spacing: 8-10 meters

  (3)UFO LED High Bay Lights120W recommended installation height: 8-10m; Installation spacing: 8-10 meters

  (4)UFO LED High Bay Lights150W Recommended Installation Height: 10-15m; Installation spacing: 8-12m

  (5)UFO LED High Bay Lights200W recommended installation height: 10-15m; Installation spacing: 10-15m

  (6)UFO LED High Bay Lights300W recommended installation height: 15-20m; Installation spacing: 20-25m

  (7)UFO LED High Bay Lights450W Recommended Installation Height: 15-20m; Installation spacing: 25-30m

  Matters needing attention

  (1)UFO LED High Bay Lights has one heat dissipation effect to ensure its service life, so the heat dissipation body has a certain weight, and the hook selected for installing the miner's lamp must be able to bear its weight; If conditions to permit, dust with the surface of the lower radiator can be cleaned regularly to ensure good heats dissipation effect.

  (2)UFO LED High Bay Lights input power supply wiring should be separated. Brown ground wired, blue ground wire, and yellow+green ground wire should be connected. During to use, lamps must be connected with ground wire.

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