What Are The Key Points Of The Flood Light Manufacturer To Install Floodlights?


Led floodlights are used in lighting in billboards, sto […]

Led floodlights are used in lighting in billboards, store doors, and buildings. For example, many store owners think that their signatures are not eye-catching enough, especially if they don't see the words on the door at night, they want to buy floodlights. This article Flood Light  manufacturer will introduce you to the LED floodlight installation steps:


1. During the installation of led floodlights, pay attention to the floodlight wiring. Do not be longer than 25 cm, otherwise, it will affect the brightness of the fixture to some extent. If the power of the transformer is large, it can be lengthened accordingly.


2. due to the special difference in floodlight voltage, so in the installation process of led floodlights should try to use the series led form.


3. led floodlight installation process should pay attention to avoid damage to the sealing of the lamp, poor sealing will directly affect the life of led floodlights. In general, led floodlights are usually used outdoors. If the sealing is not good, there will likely be water in the rain and snow, which will greatly reduce the life of the floodlight.


4. Before installing the LED floodlight, be sure to check whether the voltage to be connected is the same as the voltage marked on the lamp body, so as not to damage the LED floodlight.


5. led floodlight installation position should ensure that it can withstand 10 times the weight of the product, no shaking, no fire hazards.

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