What Are The Special Application Areas Of LED Street Lights?


  In addition to being used as street lights under norm […]

  In addition to being used as street lights under normal circumstances, LED street lights also have applications in some unique aspects, mainly including normal maintenance and emergency, indoor equipment areas such as pump rooms, and petrochemical equipment areas. The applications of LED street lights in these aspects are as follows: Let me tell you more specifically.

  is mainly for patrol inspection of pipelines and equipment, and emergency and emergencies that require mobile explosion-proof LED lamps. In the past, halogen bulbs were used as the light source of dry battery portable lamps. They not only have low explosion-proof performance, short bulb life, high dry battery consumption, but also low brightness and short working time. LED explosion-proof flashlights and LED explosion-proof searchlights have become the new favorites of petrochemical workers due to their high brightness, long working hours, and maintenance-free, and have gradually eliminated those traditional emergency lights. The application of indoor equipment such as pump rooms is mainly indoor equipment such as pumps. The lighting area is equipment and instruments. The equipment height of the lamps is usually 4-6 meters, and the illumination requirement is about 30LUX.

  The application in the petrochemical plant area is mainly outdoor or indoor equipment such as towers, tanks, pipelines, etc. The local lighting area is instrumentation equipment or pedestrian passages, etc. The equipment height of the lamps is usually 2-4 meters, and the illumination usually needs about 20LUX. Because most areas are zone 1 or even zone 0, the requirements for the explosion-proof performance of the lamps are extremely strict. The basic requirements are above the explosion-proof level, and most of them are outdoor areas. The lamps are required to have good waterproof and corrosion resistance. At the same time, most areas are a few meters or more. The high-altitude area of ​​100 meters, high temperature and high pressure, lamp replacement and maintenance are extremely difficult.

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