What Does The Led Work Light Manufacturer Share About The Packaging Of Led Lights?


LED lights are very common in daily life, but for the k […]

LED lights are very common in daily life, but for the knowledge of LED lights, many people still stay on the surface, such as energy-saving, high brightness, etc., then today Led Work Light  manufacturers will share what is the package of led lights Let's go.

The first is the LED lamp packaging process:

Generally, the LED package must undergo a process of crystal expansion-solidification-welding-filling-drying-cutting-split separation.

Followed by the LED lamp packaging material:

The main packaging materials of led are chips, gold wire, brackets, glue, etc.

Followed by the LED lamp packaging equipment:

Crystallizing equipment, solid crystal machine, wire bonding machine, dispensing machine, baking box, etc., are generally divided into two types: automatic packaging equipment, manual packaging equipment.

Finally, the packaging technology of LED lamps: general automatic equipment packaging is better than manual packaging, the technical level of packaging is also the main factor of the quality of LED lamp packaging, the products produced by different manufacturers of different materials have great differences.

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