What Failures May Occur To Led Street Lights


         With the development of LED street lamp techno […]

         With the development of LED street lamp technology in the lighting industry, the high-pressure sodium lamp light source used in street lamps has gradually been eliminated. LED light sources are widely used in outdoor road lighting because of their advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, and power-saving lamps. Many people now prefer to use LED street lights because of its many advantages. But we know that no matter what kind of street lights are likely to encounter some failures, what should we do when we encounter these failures? How to prevent it?
  Fault 1, LED street light does not light
  The problem of LED street lights not turning on is really worrying, so how can we prevent and solve this problem? First of all, we have to check the circuit of the LED street lamp to see if the circuit has a short circuit or the contact is not bright. If no problem is found after the circuit check is completed, then it is the problem of the driving power supply. The driving power source controls the voltage and current of the LED street lamp. If the voltage and current is too large or too small, the LED street lamp can be turned off. At this time, we should replace a new drive power supply, and try to choose a brand power supply, such as Mosuo or MEAN WELL. This drive power supply has a smaller chance of failure than other power supplies.
  Fault two, the brightness of the LED street lamp becomes dark
  The dimming of the brightness of the LED street lamp may be due to the poor quality of the LED chip inside the light source, resulting in a large light attenuation. When we choose LED street lights, we try to require street light manufacturers to use imported LED chips. In addition, the dimming of the brightness of the LED street lamp may also be due to the burning of some lamp beads inside the light source. In this case, we must consider the problem of the capacitance or resistance of the LED street lamp.
  Trouble three, LED street light flashes after extinguishing
  If the light source are still blinking after the LED street light is turned off, this situation may be caused by the self-induced current generated by the LED street light itself. To solve this problem, you need to buy a 220V relay, connect the coil and the light source in series, and the problem of the LED street lamp not turning on can be solved.

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