400w Led Flood Light Applicable Environment And Lamp Type


LED light sources now offer superior lumen output in ma […]

LED light sources now offer superior lumen output in many of the most commonly used luminaires, enabling energy savings and long-lasting alternatives to metal halides. The new LED sheds use only 34% of their energy as their metal halide equivalent while providing LEDs. All the advantages.


Compared to metal halides, LEDs are durable, energy efficient, have minimal maintenance requirements, and have a higher color rendering (CRI) of 70+. With higher CRI, Kelvin and directional light, LED high-bay luminaires to appear to emit more light than 400w metal halides. After 40% of the metal halide lamp life, the LED will emit more light than the MH.


Among them, the representative of LED lights -  400w Led Flood light , it will generally be suitable for commercial and sports lighting, lighting types include wall lights, area lights, bollards, garage lighters, anti-vandal, export and emergency, overhead, low frame, linear fluorescent lights, track lighting, and growing fixtures.

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