Led Street Light Factory Lists The Advantages Of Led Street Lights


LED street lights are the main force of urban road ligh […]

LED street lights are the main force of urban road lighting. Compared with traditional street lights, there are many advantages. What are the advantages of  Led Street Light Factory  ? The following several aspects compare the advantages of LED street lights with traditional city circuit lights.

I. Illumination comparison:

The use of a 60-watt LED street light can achieve the illuminance of the high-pressure sodium lamp 250, and the power consumption is greatly reduced. Because of the low power consumption of the LED street lamp, it can be excellently combined with wind energy solar energy and can be used on the secondary road of the city.

2. Security performance:

In the current market, some induction lamps, cold drink lamps, etc. are all illuminated by high-voltage point-exciting X-rays, containing a lot of harmful metals such as mercury, and harmful rays. Compared with LED street lamps, because they are safe low-voltage products, Therefore, when using and installing, the risk of security risks can be greatly reduced.

3. Comparison of environmental performance:

The general street lamps contain some harmful metals, which contain many harmful rays in the spectrum. The street lamp manufacturers have a pure green spectrum, no red, no ultraviolet rays, no radiation, and no light pollution. It is produced and does not contain harmful metal substances. It can also be recycled and discarded. It is a typical green lighting product.

4. Comparison of quality and service life:

The service life of a general street lamp is 12,000 hours. Not only is the replacement cost of the street lamp high, but it is easy to affect the traffic. Especially in the construction of a tunnel, it is inconvenient. Compared with the LED street lamp, its average life. It is 100,000 hours. It can be used for 10 hours per day. It can be used for ten years. The price/performance ratio is extremely high. In addition, the anti-vibration, waterproof and impact resistance of LED street lamps are excellent, and the shelf life is excellent. It is a maintenance-free product inside.

Five. LED street lamp electricity fee:

The electricity cost of 60W LED street light in one year is only 20% of the annual electricity cost of ordinary 250W high-pressure sodium street lamp, which can greatly reduce the expenses. If the customer chooses solar LED street light, the electricity cost of the street lamp manufacturer will be more. Is equivalent to 0.

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