400w Led Flood Light Manufacturer Introduces Led Lighting Color And Principle


Since the advent of LED lamps, people seem to see the r […]

Since the advent of LED lamps, people seem to see the rookie industry in the lighting industry and promote the continuous development of LED lamps. They all know that LED lamps are environmentally friendly and power-saving. They don’t know much about the principle of light, so today  400w Led Flood light   manufacturers will introduce the color and principle of LED lighting.


1. The color displayed

The LED illumination is LED illumination, which uses a solid semiconductor chip as a luminescent material. In the semiconductor, the carrier emits excess energy to cause photon emission and directly emits red, yellow, blue, green, cyan, orange, and purple. White light.

2. The principle of lighting

The LED is made of an III-IV compound such as GaAs (gallium arsenide), GaP (gallium phosphide), GaAsP (phosphorus gallium arsenide), and its core is a PN junction with an IN characteristic of a general PN junction. , that is, forward conduction, reverse cutoff, breakdown characteristics. Under certain conditions, electrons are injected into the P region from the N region, holes are injected into the N region from the P region, and a minority carrier (small subcarrier) entering the opposite region is combined with the majority carrier (multiple) to emit light.

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