200w Led Floodlight Manufacturer Shares Knowledge Of Led Color Changing Lamps


With people's diversified expectations of life, even sm […]

With people's diversified expectations of life, even small lamps are designed to be colorful, and the lamps become colorful, which can be used on the stage or in the home to play the role of the atmosphere, so the LED color changing lamp Appeared, let people love it. Let's take a look at the 200w Led Flood light manufacturer to learn about LED color changing lights.


LED color changing lamp is composed of a capacitor buck regulator power supply, LED controller and G, R, B three primary color LED arrays. It has the same shape as a normal milky white incandescent bulb, but will automatically change color at certain intervals after lighting. Green, yellow, green, purple, blue, red, and white light are emitted from the circle. The color change of the color change lamp is originally three kinds of primary color LEDs, respectively, when the two LEDs are lit, it can emit yellow, purple, cyan (such as red, blue, two LEDs emit purple light); if red, green, blue three kinds of LED When lit at the same time, it produces white light. If there is a circuit that enables the red, green, and blue LEDs to be lit separately, and the three primary LEDs are illuminated at the same time, seven different colors of light are emitted. The external bulb must be milky white. In this way, better color mixing can be achieved, and transparent materials cannot be used.


LED color changing lamps are suitable for family birthday parties, holiday parties, Chinese New Year, and add a festive atmosphere to the festival: it can also be used for entertainment venues and advertising lights. For example, the blue light illuminates the fresh and soft at 6 a.m. and is suitable for comfortable scenes through warm yellow, lovely pink and relaxed green. The romantic lilac color is reminiscent of good memories, and the home or commercial space can be matched with the color atmosphere as needed, so there is no need to change the interior decoration or lighting.

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