How much power LED street light head is suitable for 8 meter high street light pole


With the continuous development and maturity of LED tec […]

With the continuous development and maturity of LED technology in recent years, the light source of high-power LED street lamp has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, long safety life, fast response and high color rendering index. It has been widely used in various main and secondary trunk roads in cities. Road lighting and rural roads, especially the new roads nowadays, are generally LED street lights. Nowadays, in many cities and some old industrial areas, traditional street lamps have been converted into LED street lights, newly installed street lamps or energy-saving street lamps. According to the national standards and the customer's time requirements to choose a reasonable wattage configuration, then in the road construction, if you choose 8 meters of light poles, how to choose on the led street light head? Hebei Changyuan lighting technicians give you some technical guidance.

In the urban roads, there are some secondary roads, industrial park roads, urban roads, schools and other roads. Because the roads are not as spacious as the main roads and highways, and the lighting demand is not so important, many people will choose 8 Meter lamp pole, then after selecting the street light pole, the power of the street light is also very important. It is more suitable to choose the power. In the higher demand industrial park or municipal road, the technician recommends 100w-120w LED street light. It should be sufficient (replaced with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp 250W), if we are not particularly demanding rural roads or part of the industrial park, we recommend the use of 80w-100w LED street light (replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp 150W).

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