High-power led street lights, how long is the service life?


For road lighting, the correct choice of street lamps h […]

For road lighting, the correct choice of street lamps has a very important meaning. For LED street lamps, it is also a kind of road lighting. It has a good effect on urban road lighting in terms of energy-saving energy, and its brightness. It is also relatively high, providing great convenience for friends who travel at night. So for the high-power led street light, its service life is generally long, today, enjoy the lighting Xiaobian to explain this problem to everyone.

In the process of selecting ed street lights, it is necessary to choose according to the specific conditions of the road surface. It is necessary to select different powers for the poles of different heights. For example, a 6-meter light pole will choose a 30-60w street light base, and a 8-meter light street light between 60W-100W. Before the selection, the road condition of the installed street light should be investigated to give a certain reference standard.

For the service life of the LED light source, it is relatively long, but for the life of the lamp is not simply the life of the light source, the lamp also includes the drive, the lens and other parts. Therefore, the service life of street lamp luminaires is based on the short life component of street lamp luminaires. The current LED technology is relatively mature, and the good driving power box made of silicon material has a service life of 50,000 hours. Relatively speaking, the service life is relatively long. It is also more energy efficient during use.

For the LED street lamp, in the part that saves electricity, replace the 250w high-pressure sodium lamp with a 120W LED lamp. The actual power of the high-pressure sodium lamp needs to be multiplied by the coefficient of the ballast. If the calculation is 1.17, the actual power is 292.5w, led The whole lamp power = light source power + power supply damage, with 100 street lamps lighting for 12 hours, high-pressure sodium lamps with daily power consumption of 351 degrees, led street lamps with daily power consumption of 144 degrees, if the LED street lights are intelligently dimmed, the entire energy saving can be achieved More than 70%. The actual data has proved that for LED street lights, it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Compared with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp of the same power, the Led street lamp has better brightness. When the LED light source is configured, it cannot be configured according to the traditional idea. Its service life is long, but in the current market, the price of the LED street lamp will be higher. some. Users purchase according to their own needs, choose the cost-effective led street light to complete the purpose of road lighting.

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