Led Flood Light Factory Shares 8 Features Of Floodlights


The so-called floodlight refers to a kind of luminaire […]

The so-called floodlight refers to a kind of luminaire that can emit a uniform light source in our surroundings. It's a light source is a point light source, which is represented by a regular octahedron in our scene, then it What are the specific characteristics? Let's explore it with Led Flood Light Factory  .

1. Excellent electrical performance. Under normal circumstances, the power is relatively high, using constant current for power supply, with low harmonic current, therefore, can output a relatively constant luminous flux.

2. The utility scope is relatively wide, and the installation is convenient and fast. The lamp design of the floodlight is small and exquisite, and the installation is convenient and quick. It can be installed in a variety of ways without being pinched by the environment and location.

3. The ratio of visible light is relatively high. In the emitted light, its visible light level is more than 80%, and the visual effect is very good.

4, has a good color rendering. Normally, when using a floodlight, it emits a softer light. The object illuminated by the floodlight has a good gloss and is more natural. It's color rendering index is higher than 80.

5, there will be no stroboscopic phenomenon when using. After the excellent process processing, the floodlights have high working efficiency, and there will be no stroboscopic, glare, etc. during the work, which can further eliminate the human eye and will not cause eye fatigue.

6. An energy-saving type of lamp. With the popularity of LED light sources in the lighting market, more and more people are applying LEDs to the production of lamps. Floodlights are no exception. LEDs are also used as their light source. Therefore, compared with general lamps. In comparison, the floodlights are more energy efficient.

7, the use period is relatively long. Instead of using filaments for floodlighting, the floodlights are made using high-frequency electrodeless discharge lamps. The exposure time is roughly 60,000 hours, which is longer than other conventional lamps.

8, it is an environmentally friendly type of lighting. In the production of floodlights, solid mercury is used inside it. If it is accidentally broken, there is no need to worry about environmental pollution. We can recycle it and use it when not using the lamp. The environmental protection index is relatively high.

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