The Use Of Xianguilight UFO LED High Bay Lights


  With the development of society, a variety of industr […]

  With the development of society, a variety of industrial plants have sprung up. To ensure the smooth progress of workers' production, it is necessary to configure corresponding lighting lamps in the workshop for the factory building. Selecting LED lighting lamps require selecting different light source power combinations according to different illuminance and places. Lighting in the industrial field has the characteristics of a complex environment and harsh conditions, so it is necessary to select different kinds of lamps and lanterns according to various environmental conditions of lighting places. One of the most commonly used lighting fixtures is UFO LED high bay lights.

  The lighting design of the workshop is first determined according to the structure of the workshop and the installation height of lighting fixtures. The lighting efficiency will be much higher if the lamps suitable for the factory building structure are selected. UFO LED high bay lights whose color temperature and color rendering index are matched with workers' production should be used as far as possible, which can make the lighting light in the production area appear very uniforms and meet the lighting requirements of lighting lamps for the whole factory building. To ensure that the lighting of lamps in the factory building is not disturbed, voltage fluctuation must be avoided as much as possible. Also, lighting devices that can operate on a certain voltage range must be equipped. Only by using reasonable industrial lighting lamps can light efficiency be improved.

  UFO LED high bay lights are high-power lamp beads as the main light source, which have the advantages of high thermal conductivity, small light attenuation, good color rendering, and no double image. The UFO LED high bay lights produced by xiangruilight has the advantages of environmental protection and no pollution. Its color rendering is very good. It is true to the color of any solid substance, eliminating the color error brought by the previous lighting and improving the working efficiency of workers.

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