What Are The Characteristics Of Floodlights That Flood Light Manufacturers Summarize?


Floodlights are mainly used for lighting in ports, dock […]

Floodlights are mainly used for lighting in ports, docks, tunnels, stadiums, architectural decoration, outdoor, billboards, etc. Also, the floodlights can be used in the studio, and the lighting effect is quite satisfactory.

Here are some of the features of the floodlights summarized by the Flood Light manufacturer:


1. Floodlights have good electrical properties. Generally speaking, the power of the floodlight is relatively high, and the constant current is used for power supply. Due to the low harmonic current, the luminous flux of the overall output of the floodlight is relatively stable.


2. Floodlights are durable. Compared with other general lamps, the life of the floodlight is about 60,000 hours, and life expectancy is much longer.


3. Floodlights have strong environmental protection. The interior of the floodlight uses a solid amalgam that does not pollute or destroy the environment even if it is accidentally broken. The lamps can also be recycled and reused. The floodlights have more environmental protection indexes.


4. Floodlights are more energy efficient. With the development of led technology, many manufacturers are now producing high-power led floodlights, which makes floodlights more economical and energy-efficient.


5. The floodlights work stably. The floodlights work efficiently, without stroboscopic glare, and do not irritate the eyes, so the lighting environment is more comfortable.

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