Why Is Led High Bay So Expensive?


  Recently, the LED high bays in many places need to be […]

  Recently, the LED high bays in many places need to be repaired. One is because the LED high bay has a long history and has fallen into disrepair. The other is that the replacement of the LED high bay requires major surgery. It is not a simple replacement of parts. The used size is inconsistent with the current product size, so a major replacement is required.

  The fixed type of LED high bay maintenance requires manpower or the use of a crane to work on the top for maintenance, and the lift type lowers the lamp panel to the bracket for maintenance on the ground. If the lifting LED high bay cable is torn off due to excessive tension, the operator must also rise to the top with the lamp panel, put the cable from the top to the bottom, and then the bottom operator pulls the cable together with a thick rope, and finally ends the cable. Fixed on the electrical board. This operator must wear safety ropes. According to the recommendations of our after-sales installation team, the LED high bay should be raised and lowered when it rises to the top. It is best not to rise to the top all the way to avoid the hook being difficult to hook the hook ring. After the lamp panel is hung up, it is necessary to separate the wire ropes and cables manually to avoid entanglement in the next maintenance and lowering of the panel. If the bolts of the LED high bay embedded parts are difficult to unscrew, you can pour a little diesel and wait for a while before tightening.

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