LED Work Light Is Favored By The Market


  The needle-shaped heat dissipation design of LED work […]

  The needle-shaped heat dissipation design of LED work light increases the heat dissipation surface area, and there is a gap between the needle-shaped columns, which can quickly generate convection, realize multi-directional heat dissipation, and achieve the purpose of rapid cooling. LED work light is one of the potential markets for LED lighting

  LED work light has the following characteristics:

  1. The shell is made of special aluminum. The hardware and bracket are made of 304 stainless steel. The surface adopts high-tech anti-corrosion treatment technology, which can be used in areas with strong corrosion such as seaside, Chlor-alkali, and hydrogen sulfide for a long time.

  2. The superconducting aluminum self-circulating heat dissipation design can be used in the working environment of high temperature and humidity for a long time. Upper and lower ventilation fin structure, no dust

  3. Multiple light distributions, multiple installation methods, and the same appearance effectively solve the image and aesthetic problems of the workshop and equipment platform

  4. LED work light lighting and electrical integration technology, no dark areas and dual images on site, metal halide lamps save more than 60% of electricity

  5. General air conditioner and DC

  6. LED work light fast field light source replacement without welding

  7. There is an independent additional safety wiring room on the side to ensure safe and convenient installation and maintenance.

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