200w Led Flood Light Manufacturers Share The Characteristics Of Floodlights


In life, we often use floodlights because it is one of […]

In life, we often use floodlights because it is one of the common fixtures. So what's the point? Let's take a look at the characteristics of the floodlights with the 200w Led Flood light manufacturer today:

1. Energy-saving and environmental protection: Floodlights use solid amalgam, which is a kind of material that is not polluting to the environment. Most of them can be recycled. Floodlights can save about 75% of electricity compared with ordinary incandescent lamps. It is an absolutely healthy, environmentally friendly and energy-saving product.

2, no flash frequency: floodlights work at a high frequency, will not cause eye fatigue, effectively protect eyesight.

3, good color rendering: the value of floodlight color is greater than 80, the light is relatively soft, the surface of the object is also very soft and natural.

3. No preheating: The floodlight can be started and restarted immediately. The switch will not have the light decay phenomenon in the ordinary electrode discharge lamp, and the service life is long.

4. The floodlight installation is simple and convenient and can be installed and used on various occasions, and the restrictions are relatively small.

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