How Does Led High Bay Distinguish Quality?


Led High bay  features high light efficiency, long life […]

Led High bay  features high light efficiency, long life, no delay in switching, environmental protection, and energy-saving, etc. It is the most advanced lighting product that gradually replaces energy sources such as energy-saving lamps and metal halide lamps. With the wide application of Led High bay, many people I don't know much about how to choose the quality Led High bay, so let's share it today.

1. The light source is bad: the process of the lamp is not perfect when assembled, the lamp bead and the heat sink are not in good contact, and the thermal paste is unevenly coated. Besides, if the quality of the lamp bead itself is poor, the lighting time will burn off.

2. The power supply is bad: Power supply problems cause some manufacturers to use low-quality power supplies because of chasing low-cost products. The quality of the products is unqualified. After a long time of use, there will be burnt lights, flashing lights or lights for a while.

3. The radiator cuts the work and can not achieve good heat dissipation. The temperature rise of the lamp is too high and too fast.

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